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We are so proud of all of our DAISY Award honorees. These nurses have all shown an exceptional level of skill and compassion in the area of patient care. Please click on their names below to learn how they left a lasting impact on the patients and families they cared for.
Kathryn Fischer Headshot

Kathryn Fischer, BSN RN

Family Birthplace, UCMC - August 2019

Michelle Singh photo

Michelle Singh, RN

HMH, ICU - August 2019

Amy Lindecamp photo

Amy Lindecamp, RN

BHU, HMH - April 2019

Kim Joyner photo

Kim Joyner, RN

4th Towers, HMH - January 2019

lucinda parks photo

Lucinda Parks, RN

CDU, UCMC - January 2019

Susan Ward Photo

Susan Ward, RN

ICU, UCMC - April 2019

Karen Tennesen

Karen Tennesen, RN

4th Towers, HMH - November 2018

Jessica Buchanan

Jessica Buchanan, RN

Emergency Department, UCMC - November 2018