Heather Parker Headshot

This person is above and beyond a nurse. She is a true caregiver and provider. She was pleasant, attentive and a bubbly kind soul whose purpose was to make your stay comfortable. She knew I was so upset needing all the care that I needed. I was truly depressed and embarrassed at needing to be wiped at least what felt like 100 times. She was like a hug from an old friend. Soon we were laughing about "I gotta go". Heather explained things to me and was so easygoing, I was excited to tell my family about her. I was proud to introduce my daughter to her and I can't wait to introduce her to my husband. As for nurses, she is more than 5 stars. She seems like family.

Anyone lucky enough to have Heather as a nurse is one lucky patient who will always remember her. I hope this hospital never closes. We could lose the caring feeling it provides. Please stay open. We need our special community right here bigger is better. We also must remember the supervisors and trainers at this great facility. Thank you, Harford Memorial.