Amanda Montgomery

Unfortunately, my beautiful wife of 29 years passed away at your hospital this year. She battled a horrible form of breast cancer for 14 months. Watching the love of my life go through this ordeal was the most difficult trial of my life. During this time, we encountered numerous medical professionals. I am writing this to point out one nurse who went above and beyond her job. Her name is Mandy Montgomery. During the few days in which she was S's nurse, she touched me and my entire family. Her kindness and professionalism made this terrible time more bearable. Mandy kept us informed of what was occurring as the situation progressed. She did this however in the gentlest way, knowing that the outcome was dire. She treated every member of my family with the utmost respect and compassion.

We have a very large loving family, all who wanted to say goodbye to my wife because of the restrictions that needed to be followed, visitation was extremely limited. Knowing this and the amount of family present outside of the hospital, Mandy took the time to assist us in using FaceTime to allow the family to see S and to speak to her. Though she was unconscious, it allowed her loved ones to express their love for one last time. We are all eternally grateful for that gift. While helping us with this, Mandy took the time to come out and speak with my family. During this time she showed incredible compassion and crying with us, saying she wished she could do more for us. In addition to this, after her shift ended, she stayed with me and members of our family to comfort us, and to have genuine caring conversations with us. She showed true emotion at that time that again went beyond her job. I wanted to make sure to mention the caliber of the nurse and person she is. Her actions epitomized what nursing is. She will never be forgotten for the care she gave not just to my wife, but also the care she gave to me and my family.