Nicole Wright Photo

My mother was a patient in the emergency room for at least 8 hours on April 26, 2021. Jordan was her nurse. My mom was in an open bay with beds for 4 patients. Each bed was separated by curtains. The noise was deafening. At one time there was a patient arguing with her boyfriend on speakerphone. It was not a pleasant conversation. In fact the conversation was loud and disturbing. It distracted me, but not Jordan. Jordan efficiently and professionally moved between the four patients in the room. (I don't know if she was working with patients in an additional room). She was able to answer all of my questions. She was attentive to my mother's needs and her medical condition. The man in the bed next to my mom was very ill. She was attentive to his needs. I was amazed by her proficiency and dedication, her knowledge and her skill in what was a truly chaotic atmosphere. Eventually I had to leave my mother alone in the ER and go home. I don't think I would have done this had I not had confidence in Jordan's ability to care for my mom. I think she is a deserving candidate of this prestigious award.