Lillibeth Maple photo

This past March 20th I got sick with what I thought was a stomach virus. The illness progressed throughout the weekend. By Monday, March 21st at 3:00am, I was in agony. I thought I was just dehydrated from my weekend of illness. So, I had my 18 year old son drop me off at the ER at Upper Chesapeake. I thought that all I would need was some IV fluids and the hospital staff would send me home, again. It turned out it was my gallbladder instead of a virus. Although I had never been diagnosed with gallbladder issues, my gallbladder had gotten clogged/infected. At first the plan was to give me IV antibiotics to “calm my gallbladder down” before surgery. However, my infection turned out to be too well developed and only got worse, not better. So, the doctors switched my surgery to be a “fit in” surgery and they admitted me. I ended up on the Women’s floor in Room 23. The room was beautiful and very comfortable. However, the real blessing was my team of nurses. I started out being admitted in the evening, which means my first nurse was a night shift nurse, Lillibeth. Lillibeth was kind, efficient, and gentle. She treated me like a real person, instead of just a patient. Since I ended up having to stay in the hospital three nights due to complications with my recovery, I had the pleasure of having Lillibeth care for me on both Monday and Tuesday nights. During this week of Nurses Appreciation Week, I wanted to tell my story in an effort to make sure that people knew how much I truly valued the care and attention I received at Upper Chesapeake. I wanted to say, “Thank you!” to the awesome ladies who have made their career one of caring for people. They are a blessing, and Upper Chesapeake hospital is blessed to have them caring for their patients and representing them to the public. I hope all of them get the recognition they truly deserve!