Amy Lynch headshot

"My mother was admitted through the ER on Thursday. She was 94 years old and diagnosed with pneumonia and other issues. In addition, she had dementia so she was confused about where she was and why. Amy was the first nurse I got to really know by name. It was a horrible situation for my mother and our family. In June, we were going out for birthday dinners. Mom was mobile and her only medical issue was dementia. So a fall, then a fractured hip, then rehab, then 911 to ER in a 3 week timeframe was overwhelming. Added to that treatment options and hospice were topics we needed to make decisions about.

Amy was awesome, caring and thoughtful the entire shift. When it was time for the shift change in the AM she came in with the new nurse and the 3 of us talked. It made the transition to a new nurse so much easier. Before she left the room she went and quietly stood by Mom's bed lightly touching her. Her compassion was visible. Amy was the day nurse who helped me get through the next 12 hours. Mom was devastated and we weren't ready to leave her. I was quite frankly a mess.

My mother was a wonderful caring woman who loved everyone she met. The challenges Mom faced were devastating to her and us as a family. Once again we had an awesome nurse who gave comfort to not just Mom but our family. Everyone who worked from when Mom was admitted until she passed away on Sunday was outstanding and we will always be grateful."