Jessica Sauter Photo

I had been treated for the last several weeks for cardiac issues. My blood pressure was sky high and wouldn't go down. My husband, who is a dentist, understood the implications better that I and was absolutely panicked. He was being pushy and argumentative (If I hadn't felt so bad, I would have killed him). Jessica would come in with cool washcloths for my head, engaging me in conversation (none medical- cats and kids and travel mostly) and did a yeoman's job in calming me. When the doctor came in to discuss the possibility of a brain tumor, Jess went into overdrive calming my husband who has a history of brain tumors. I know I am not expressively describing my experiences well, but in the time I was in the ER for Jess's shift, with the ER packed with patients, Jess did not make me feel like I was getting crumbs of her time, but instead make me feel like not only was she cosseting me, but my husband as well Jessica is a truly amazing health care provider, that I am grateful for having me.