As women, we take care of our families, our children, our parents and even our friends. In order to do all that, you need to remember your own needs as well. Taking care of yourself and staying healthy means exercise, rest and good nutrition. It also means knowing who can help when you have health concerns.

At UM Upper Chesapeake Health we provide quality, compassionate care for women in a comfortable and supportive environment. With pioneering techniques and treatments, we are helping women live their best lives. From common and routine care to more complex health issues, we meet the unique needs of women with expert diagnoses and treatment in the areas of breast health, imaging, pelvic health, obstetrics, gynecology and more. You can be sure that we understand women's health needs and that taking care of you is our number one priority.

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation services are offered in a caring and convenient environment. The goal is to make you comfortable and put you at ease right from the start with a rehab program that includes:

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