Mary Swain photo

I am requesting to be present at time of her award to personally thank her! I cannot express my gratitude enough to Mary S. for the care she provided after my total knee replacement surgery on August 21-22, 2019. Mary turned a horrific and extremely painful experience into a caring and thoughtful stay. Mary consistently checked in on me to see how I was feeling and asked if I needed anything to include a pillow, blanket, bed adjustment (to help alleviate pain), water and assistance to rest room. Mary took the time to sit and talk with me to lessen my distress as a good friend would in a time of need. Mary was an excellent listener and extremely comforting by explaining that the pain I felt was normal, ALWAYS set expectations of when she would be back to check in on me and when her shift was ending. Mary took the time to come back to say goodbye 20 minutes after her shift ended. Her words to me were "I'd never forget to keep my promise to check back in on you before I leave".

I am nominating Mary in hopes that UM Harford Community Hospital in Havre de Grace appreciates her always and knows what a gem they have in her!