Kathryn Fischer Headshot

I'll never forget the first time I met Katie. My sister had been sitting in the room with me and my husband, and I heard her say, "Jamie-Lee, her heart rate dropped again." She stood up, pushed her chair back, and for the third time...the cavalry arrived again. The clock read 0702, and I saw my day shift nurse. She had a big smile on her face, and she introduced herself: "Hi! I'm Katie; I'll be your nurse today. Now flip over!" Katie's dedication to her job is apparent. She was so wonderful and so calm and composed during my baby's heart rate drop that I didn't have any anxiety. I wasn't worried because Katie and the rest of her team were so competent in their work. I even joked at one point and said, "This must be how our ICU patients feel when we come rushing into the room!" As a first time mother, as a first time patient, the whole experience was new.

Katie's calm demeanor kept us that way. Of course, we were immediately in love with our new daughter, but looking back at the experience, we knew that we wanted to recognize Katy for her wonderful care. We sang her praises the whole time we were there, and though we didn't get to see her again before we left, we wanted her to be recognized for her fantastic care. We truly hope that she receives this award because she is more than deserving. Thank you!