Andria Swanson

You are one of God's angels here on earth! You chose to be a nurse, to care for the sick and be there as one was called to heaven. I lost my best friend Dom, December due to COVID-19. He was not alone. You were there with him. I'm very grateful. With your assistance Dom and I got to see and speak to each other one last time on Skype. You held a phone to his ear so he could say his goodbyes to his close friends. You made him comfortable. As his time on earth came closer to the end you held his hand, answered my phone call and gave me one more opportunity to tell him how much I loved him. Dom passed minutes later. Your care and concern for Dom brings me comfort.

Thank you Andria, you are truly a blessing from God. I'm sure we are not the first to be touched by your care, compassion and love. You put your life on the line to bring peace to others every day. You are a very special person, an ANGEL.