Susan Ward Photo

"Susan's sense of calmness truly gave me strength to endure the situation. She cared enough to ask me questions about my son. Giving the impression that she wanted to know what this 24 year old young man was really like. It was healing for me to be able to tell her what a wonderful young man he truly is. I even showed her pictures of Z so that she could see how he really looked while living life. I will never forget one morning after sleeping for a few hours in Z's room and walking to his beside to find him clean and laying on fresh linens. It brought me to tears. Susan never judged Z for being an addict, her gentle touch, kind voice and attentiveness to his lifeless body was impeccable. After a few days of not sleeping I knew I needed to rest at home. When I mentioned this to Susan she encouraged me to do so and reassured me that she would call me immediately if any changes occurred. I was able to rest knowing that he was in loving hands. I truly believe that the quality care that Z received while in the ICU was why when God decided to give my son a second chance of life he fully recovered without any further complications. Truly a miracle! Thank you Susan for being our angel!"