Danielle Hodges Headshot

After having a regular routine day, around 5 in the evening my son, came back home from work sick with fever and shivering. That evening, thinking it could be the COVID virus, I took him to urgent care, and the doctor after having him tested (express test) of COVID-19 and him being negative she was concerned because his heartbeat was too fast. She sent him to the ER. I dropped him at the ER and left him the car keys to drive back home, he was feeling better. Through the night I got a couple of texts he was waiting to be seen. At 11 am the next morning I received a call from the doctor at the ER my son was admitted to the ICU in very critical condition. My world went to pieces in an INSTANT, I couldn't go see him because they needed to do more COVID-19 tests. After three days I was able to visit him in the ICU. He was so sick and critical in a coma with ventilator dialysis, oxygen, a heart monitor, and an extremely dramatic scene for a mother to see.

Danielle was there not only on top of all his needs but an amazing, caring person that treated me like family because of the rules of only one visitor. I had nobody with me but Danielle was truly more than I could ever expect. With the support and care, crying on her shoulder, she felt like family, like a daughter consoling her mom, I needed that and she provided the best care for my son and me! I am forever grateful to Danielle and everyone but Danielle became family while there.

Note: This is Danielle's 2nd DAISY Award!