Sarah Wilson Headshot

Sarah was my nurse during the darkest and hardest times of my fight with COVID. During the days and nights where my thoughts dwelled on who would walk my four daughters down the aisle, if my wife would keep my truck and who they would give my clothes to. I was lonely, panic stricken and felt so helpless. Everything hurt, everything was scary and everything seemed like I would not make it home. I even found myself, Bible next to me and scared to talk to God. Scared to tell him I trusted Him, scared that his plan was for me to come home to Him and for my home of four daughters to be left to the care of my wife.

That is when Sarah was my nurse. It is hard to fully remember those days. I have flashes in my mind. I told Sarah how I needed to get home to my girls, that I needed my girls and that they needed me. I remember telling her I didn't know what I wanted but everything hurt and I couldn't sleep. My mouth was bone dry, my heart felt like it was racing. I remember Sarah telling me that she was working extra shifts because of how short they were. I remember Sarah holding my hand and moving a pillow under my legs, then adjusting my blanket somehow in a way that let my body and mind fall asleep. I remember Sarah leaning over me and saying, "you've got to get yourself calm and under control or they're going to intubate you." She was firm and loving.

I don't remember much about those days and nights, but I remember Sarah being there for me in a way that seemed supernatural. Most of all though, I remember hearing Sarah's voice say these words, "For I know the plans I have made for you declares The Lord. Plans to prosper you, not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." I reached up and touched her plastic mask praying for God to heal me. When I looked at my bedside, Sarah had written that scripture on the back of flyer and left it for me to be comforted by. I knew then that I had life ahead of me. I knew that I had the strength to fight. I was determined. I made sure I laid on my stomach and side as much as I could from then on out and I found a way to pray and listen for God. I strongly believe that Sarah saved my life. That her firm words, her comforting words and her prayer saved me and gave me a new life with my daughters. Her words gave me a chance to be a new husband to my wife. They gave me a deeper relationship with my savior Jesus. I will always be thankful for Sarah Wilson.