When detected early, breast cancer is extremely treatable. During all stages of your care, we bring you everything you need in one high quality and convenient location. At the Kaufman Cancer Center, an entire team of specialists collaborates to develop a personalized breast cancer treatment plan for each patient with breast cancer nurse navigators to guide patients and their families through diagnosis, treatment and recovery. 

Treatment for breast cancer may include surgery and in most cases, individuals will receive radiation therapy, as well. Physician experts from the University of Maryland Department of Radiation Oncology provide high-tech treatment for breast cancer using external beam radiation or brachytherapy (an advanced form of radiation therapy) with SAVI® applicators (thin tubes) that deliver radiation therapy with extreme precision where it’s needed most, sparing the healthy surrounding tissue. 

A new technology called SAVI SCOUT® is making lumpectomies easier for patients and surgeons by decreasing time in the hospital as well as increasing lumpectomies’ success rates. In a traditional lumpectomy, a radiologist would place a wire into the breast on the morning surgery to mark the tumor’s location for the surgeon.

The SAVI SCOUT uses a very small non-radioactive reflector and can be implanted any time before the day of surgery. During surgery, a hand-held device is used to detect the reflector’s tiny radar signal (and subsequent cancer) inside the breast. It allows surgeons to precisely target and remove cancerous cells instead of healthy breast tissue. The SAVI SCOUT can be used in surgery for breast cancer as well as for benign breast lesions and causes less discomfort in patients. 

The Breast Center is committed to providing technologically advanced, cutting-edge procedures along with compassionate care for breast cancer. Our Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Clinic includes specialists in breast, general and plastic surgery, radiology, pathology, medical and radiation oncology as well as a nurse practitioner, certified breast nurse navigators, social workers, dietitians and lymphedema specialists who are dedicated to ensuring exceptional care for patients with breast cancer. Patients can feel confident that their breast cancer care plan has been developed and reviewed by multiple specialists and personalized just for them/

Early detection is critical when it comes to breast cancer. Visit our Breast Center and learn whether you may benefit from our High-Risk Breast Cancer Clinic.

Free breast cancer supportive services including individual and family counseling, patient education and classes and support groups are available through Cancer LifeNet.