Breast and Cervical Cancer Program

Every woman deserves access to reliable screenings for breast and cervical cancer. Thanks to a partnership between UM Upper Chesapeake Medical Center Bel Air and the Harford County Health Department, we have created the Breast and Cervical Cancer Program, designed to ensure that all women in our community can obtain this care.

If you live in Harford County, you may be eligible to receive mammograms, breast exams, Pap and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) tests at no cost if:

  • you have limited income, no health insurance or health insurance that does not fully pay for breast and cervical cancer screenings or
  • have health insurance but have not been able to get screened or get follow-up testing/care and
  • if you are 40+ years of age, you may qualify for mammograms and breast exams or
  • you are 21+ years of age, you may qualify for Pap and HPV tests
Once eligibility has been determined, our program coordinator will:
  • identify local participating doctors
  • assist with scheduling exams and tests
  • ensure you receive—and understand—your results and help you plan necessary follow-up care

Cancer screenings save lives. And breast exams, mammograms, Pap and HPV tests help detect breast and cervical problems early, when they are at their most treatable stage.

Call 443-643-3767 to learn more and find out whether you may be eligible.