PFAC Group Photo

Undergoing treatment for cancer can be extremely challenging. That's one of the reasons our Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) was established—to create a comforting environment and a safe forum for patients and their families to provide feedback on the care they are receiving. Consisting of a diverse group of cancer patients, their family members and those in leadership roles within the Cancer Center, the PFAC aspires to serve as a communication bridge between patients and their care team. It works to ensure that the highest level of quality care is provided and that support and other services are delivered consistently and compassionately. Established in 2015, the PFAC is fully dedicated to the patient and family care experience, making certain that suggestions and concerns are addressed promptly. Patients can feel confident that their questions are important to the Council as well as Cancer Center team members. Questions? Interested in volunteering? Learn more by calling 443-643-3352.