Welcome to the Grateful Patient & Family Program at the Kaufman Cancer Center 

A serious illness can leave us feeling scared and often dependent on others for things we used to easily manage ourselves.  If you or a loved one has gone through—or is currently going through—a similar journey, especially a cancer diagnosis, you know what a relief it is to have someone in your corner. Someone to help take care of your physical needs, or helping to care for you mentally and emotionally.  
At any point, you might find yourself reflecting and remembering, wanting to honor a loved one, recognize a caregiver, or pay tribute to an anniversary or milestone that is especially important to you.  

You might find yourself wishing to express gratitude, because gratitude brings healing.
This space is dedicated to patients, their families, friends, and neighbors, who choose to express gratitude in the forms of philanthropy, volunteerism, or through personal words of appreciation. Grateful patients and their loved ones continuously inspire our team members to strive for excellence and to provide the very best care possible… every patient, every family, every encounter, every day. 
To learn about the ways you can help make an impact through the Grateful Patient and Family Program at the Kaufman Cancer Center call: 443-643-3460, email: ufoundation@umm.edu, or visit: uchfoundation.org

Stories of Gratitude

Continuing her fight against metastatic breast cancer is Forest Hill resident, Judy Pfister. After a battle with breast cancer in 1999, she was diagnosed in 2014 with metastasized breast cancer in her left lung and by 2021 the cancer progressed to her liver and trachea lymph nodes. She underwent chemotherapy at the Kaufman Cancer Center and proton radiation at the Maryland Proton Treatment Center (MPTC) and is continuing treatment at the Kaufman Cancer Center (KCC) at UM Upper Chesapeake Medical Center Bel Air (UM UCMC Bel Air).

Judy shares…

During this critical time in my life, I gained the knowledge, trust, and confidence through the collaboration of my care team at both the Kaufman Cancer Center and University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore.

In 2015, I received a calendar outlining Cancer LifeNet's activities. I took acupuncture, yoga, exercise and Reiki classes. I also joined a breast cancer support group and various classes on mindfulness and "thriving and surviving." In 2020 during the COVID pandemic it seemed my social life had basically stopped. However, because of my involvement with Cancer LifeNet, I learned to manage and focus on the people and things that are important to me, to my healing and to my survival. I used the connection of mind, body and spirit and found ways to keep going with the help and support of the Cancer LifeNet team.

I truly appreciate everything Cancer LifeNet and my care team at the KCC has done—and continues to do—for me. In honor of this care and support, I am planning to participate in the 2022 Annual Amanda Hichkad CCA Celebration Walk.