Our High-Risk Breast Cancer Clinic at our Breast Center focuses on prevention and early detection of breast cancer and screening recommendations tailored to each individual patient. Our team works together to ensure every woman has breast care resources available in one location.

Individuals that have any of the following increased risk factors for breast cancer may benefit from participating in the High-Risk Clinic:

  • A family history of premenopausal breast cancer, bilateral breast cancer, or both breast and ovarian cancers
  • A male relative with breast cancer
  • A personal history of ovarian cancer
  • Two or more relatives with ovarian cancer
  • A relative with a known BRCA mutation
  • A personal history of a BRCA mutation
  • Ashkenazi (Eastern European) Jewish ancestry and a family member with breast or ovarian cancer
  • A personal history of atypia on breast biopsy

To schedule a consultation with our High-Risk Breast Cancer Clinic call our office line at 443-643-3020.

If you are at a very high risk of developing breast cancer, talk with your doctor about preventive mastectomy.