Doctor with patient

At University of Maryland Medical System, the safety of our patients and communities is always a top priority. Throughout the pandemic, our safety measures have evolved whenever as conditions in our communities have changed.

Here are some of the ways we work to keep patients safe:

  • Visitors - To better ensure patient and visitor safety, we also use a color-coded system that reflects the current conditions of our visitor policy. Read about our visitor policy
  • Masks - Masks are required in patient-care settings. For more details, please read our current masking guidelines
  • Telehealth - In some cases, you may be able to schedule a virtual visit instead of an in-person one. In addition to urgent care telehealth, you may be able to schedule telehealth visits with many of our primary care providers and specialists 
  • eCheck-in - To reduce the length of your time here, you can fill out the paperwork previously done in person through our eCheck-In process in your Patient Portal. Learn more about the eCheck-In process.
  • Symptom Screening - Depending on COVID conditions, patients, visitors and staff may be screened for symptoms when arriving at one of our locations. If you have COVID symptoms, you should contact your doctor before arriving and wear a mask if you come to our facilities.
  • Hand Sanitizing - As has always been the case in healthcare settings, handwashing is a critical safety measure that our staff takes very seriously. In addition to our handwashing procedures for staff, we make hand sanitizer available to patients and visitors throughout our facilities
  • Cleaning - All areas of our facilities undergo frequent cleaning and disinfecting. This includes waiting rooms, exam rooms and all common spaces, with hand sanitizer available for your use.