Patient safety and infection prevention go hand-in-hand. Infection prevention is everyone's responsibility, and all UM BWMC staff members, regardless of the role they play in your hospital stay, are responsible for reducing the risks for the spread of infections. UM BWMC is proud to lead by example, having won multiple awards for our patient safety practices.

wash your hands to prevent germsThe most important way to prevent infection is washing hands frequently and thoroughly. In addition, we suggest the following infection prevention best practices while you're in the hospital:

  • Ask family or friends not to visit if they do not feel well, have an infection or even if they have a runny nose.
  • Some patients will require special isolation precautions to protect themselves and others from infections. Ask your nurse to explain why you are on isolation precautions.
  • Ask your visitors to observe isolation signs. Visitors must wear a mask and gown as instructed. Please ask a nurse to help visitors the first time they enter an isolation room. If someone does not come in with the correct coverings, please ask them to return with the right coverings.
  • Proper hand washing is essential. Please wash your hands and don't be afraid to ask us if we washed our hands. Everyone, including you and your visitors, MUST wash his or her hands, or use hand sanitizer, when entering and leaving your room.
  • Hands must be washed with soap and water after sneezing, coughing, touching eyes, nose or mouth, before eating and after using the restroom.
  • Do not permit anyone to touch you, your IV or your wounds if you did not see them wash their hands or use hand sanitizer. This includes your doctor or nurse.

To learn more, please explore these fact sheets and frequently asked questions about infections: