There's only one reason we're here—for our patients.

At UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center, we're constantly developing new procedures, new techniques and new technologies. But in all this activity, we never lose sight of why we are really here — and that is you. You and your family are the center of our focus every day.

Here you can get answers to questions you may about your stay, including:

  • Patient rights and responsibilities
  • Helpful information about the hospital for patients and visitors
  • Who’s who on your health care team and how to play an active role
  • Medical information and support services
  • Financial arrangements
  • Being discharged from the hospital
  • Informed consent and advance directives

Patient Advocacy

At UM BWMC, we have dedicated patient advocates to assist patients and their families during their experiences at our medical center. The patient advocates are available to meet with patients who have concerns, questions, compliments or suggestions regarding their care. They advocate on your behalf and work with other members of the patients' health care team, such as doctors and nurses, to make sure all our patients' needs are met. If you have a patient care issue you would like to discuss with our patient advocates, please call 410-787-4200 or email

Tobacco Free Medical Campus – No Smoking

To protect our patients, visitors and staff, UM BWMC is a smoke-free campus. Smoking, e-cigarettes and other tobacco products are not allowed anywhere on the medical center’s campus. This includes parking lots, garages and grassy areas. This is important because beds, equipment and gases used in the hospital can easily catch fire, and most patients cannot move quickly to escape smoke or flames. If you smoke, tell your nurse so he or she can help make a plan to keep you smoke-free during your hospital stay. Medications are available to help control nicotine cravings.

Consumer Alert

Maryland's Consumer Protection Division warns that telephone scammers are "spoofing" local hospital and public utility numbers to trick people into giving out their personal and medical information over the phone. The incoming calls look like they are from a legitimate place on Caller ID, but then the scammer asks for Medicare, Medicaid and/or Social Security numbers. Some scammers even threaten to terminate Medicare benefits if you don't give them your personal information. Learn more about this consumer alert and how to protect yourself.