Our care goes beyond your physical health.

During times of stress or uncertainty, many people find talking things over with a chaplain helpful. Don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like some spiritual support. That's why we're here.

Daily Services

Every day of the week, we have a staff chaplain and volunteer clergy available to help you. Upon your admittance to the hospital, when you are asked, let the admitting clerk know you would like a visit during your stay. Be sure to give them your religious affiliation if you have one.

We also have Catholic Lay Visitors who visit several times a week and will offer the Sacrament of Holy Communion to our patients. If you are Catholic, please mention your affiliation during the admitting process.

We also have emergency on-call clergy and other spiritual leaders available to meet your spiritual needs. We have relationships with other spiritual leaders in the community as well.


The Chapel is open 24 hours a day and is located on the lower level of the West Building.


Our role extends far beyond administering holy sacraments at the end of life. We can help you adjust to new medical conditions, cope with traumatic events and explore your spirituality. You can call us when you're upset and anxious, need someone to listen to or feel overwhelmed.

We Serve All Faiths

Most religions do not require that pastors and patients share the same religious persuasion, but if you have specific religious needs, we'll try to find you an appropriate religious leader.

Not only are our services nondenominational, we also minister to patients with no religious affiliations. It makes no difference to us whether you belong to a church, mosque or temple or have no formal religious ties at all. We foster spiritual wholeness and help you with questions about faith.

The Office of Spiritual Care is available to:

  • Assist with contacting a patient's own clergy
  • Provide prayer support
  • Be supportive when making difficult decisions about care
  • Provide a listening ear in times of despair
  • Be a source of comfort and spiritual support in times of crisis
  • Arrange for the Catholic Sacraments of the Eucharistic and the Anointing of the Sick
  • Facilitate the distribution of communion for Protestant patients
  • Supply spiritual resources (Bibles, Qur'ans, Rosaries, Devotionals, etc.)
  • Make grief support materials available

The Office of Spiritual Care can be reached at 410-787-4183.