The Pascal Women's Center at UM BWMC features wonderful amenities for expanding families

Can I videotape or photograph my delivery?

Each patient is encouraged to have this discussion with the provider. Photography and videography may be restricted during medical care or procedures, and physicians must be asked before including them in any pictures.

Will my obstetrician be involved in my care?

Yes, at the time of arrival, your provider will be contacted.

What is a laborist?

A board certified OB/GYN who is available in the hospital at all times to care for women in labor. The laborists at UM BWMC will be working with your personal obstetrician at their request.

How long may I stay in the hospital after I have given birth? Do I have to stay for a set amount of time?

Federal Newborn's and Mother's Health Protection Act of 1996 states that you can stay in the hospital for 48 hours for a vaginal birth and 96 hours after birth by C-section. You can choose to leave earlier if your physician and you agree that you are ready to be discharged safely. Babies discharged before 48 hours of age will be required to have a scheduled pediatric follow-up.

How do I find a physician who delivers at UM BWMC?

Please visit our Find a Physician page.

What type of security will be in place?

The Pascal Women's Center is a locked unit with security personnel immediately available.

What type of birthing options will be available?

Your options for delivery should be discussed with your provider. Their recommendations will vary depending on your medical conditions and pregnancy complications.

Will a certified lactation consultant be available to me?

We offer lactation education and support, and will provide additional resources for breastfeeding after discharge.

What classes are available to me and when should I sign up for them?

There are several childbirth classes offered. View a list of childbirth class and register online. All birth classes include a tour of the Pascal Women's Center. Second trimester registration is recommended.

Can my baby stay in my room with me?

Yes. We promote bonding with your baby and offer care of the newborn at the mother's bedside. We encourage any opportunity for bonding with your baby.

Will I have a private room?

All rooms in the Pascal Women's Center are private.

What are visiting hours and how many visitors may I have?

Please see our current visitor restrictions due to COVID-19.

In the Pascal Women's Center, visiting hours are unlimited.

Where should I park?

Parking is available in the visitor's garage. Upon entry into the hospital from the visitor's garage, use the designated maternity elevators to quickly access the family birthing center.

What do I pack for my stay in the hospital?

Some suggested items to pack are as follows: slippers and bathrobe, going-home clothes for mom and baby, reading and writing material, change for vending machines, watch or clock with second hand, lip balm, hand fan, bra and panties, toiletries for mom and support person, digital camera, hand-held massager, pair of socks, time-passers (cards, books, videos), food for support person, music that is soothing to you, and extra support/body pillows.

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For more information, please call the Pascal Women's Center at 410-787-4600.

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