mother and baby are well cared forAt the Pascal Women’s Center, we’re not only there for your baby; we’re there for you, too. We strive to provide a compassionate, supportive environment so that you are as comfortable as possible while you welcome your new boy or girl into your family. You and your little one will feel right at home with our wonderful amenities: 

  • Private elevator for mom, baby and family for your arrival and departure.
  • Spacious, private labor and delivery rooms. Each room has a luxury whirlpool tub. There is a television and comfortable seating for your guests.
  • Capacity for the father or your significant other to stay overnight with you in your room.
  • Around the clock support from dedicated providers specializing in obstetrics, midwifery, anesthesia and pediatrics.
  • Nourishment areas across from the nursing stations so your family has access to water, coffee, juice, sodas and light snacks.
  • Unlimited visiting hours so your family can feel welcome to stay at your side. There are family lounge areas located throughout the unit for their comfort.
  • Family waiting area with computer and internet access and vending machines.

During your labor and delivery, you can expect a safe and nurturing environment:

  • Our physicians, midwives, and nurses offer constant support to make sure you are comfortable and educated through every step of the process.
  • Your entire health care team understands your individualized birth plan and your birthing preferences.
  • We help you with a wide variety of labor techniques to ensure a productive and healthy delivery
  • Our experienced staff are prepared to care for you and your baby with low or high risk conditions.

After your delivery, you can expect:

  • Private, secure post-partum patient rooms for comfortable recovery.
  • Support with rooming-in, which will help you bond with your baby and learn your baby’s unique behaviors. We do hourly rounding so we can anticipate your needs, including newborn care, education and supporting your pain-free recovery. 
  • Lactation support and guidance if you choose to breastfeed your baby.
  • Open communication about your baby’s progress and your recovery so you are armed with the knowledge you will need when you are home.

whirlpool tubOther amenities at the Pascal Women’s Center include:

  • Dedicated operating rooms for Cesarean births
  • Level II nursery to care for premature babies born at 32 weeks and up, as well as newborns with critical health issues including advanced respiratory support 
  • An on-site satellite office of the University of Maryland's Center for Advanced Fetal Care, providing advanced evaluation and treatment to fetal patients and their families
  • Collaboration with University of Maryland Medical Center’s maternal fetal medicine and neonatologist providers to respond to critical patient needs
  • Childbirth education classes to assist you in preparing for a healthy delivery

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