Retreat members standing in a park

In order to remain fully integrated into the categorical internal medicine and pediatrics programs while maintaining a unique Med-Peds identity, the Med-Peds residents attend several annual retreats. All Med-Peds residents attend both a medicine and a pediatrics retreat during each year of training. In addition, all Med-Peds residents attend a dedicated Med-Peds retreat annually. As third year residents, we send our residents to the annual Pediatric Resiliency Retreat, where they have a forum to discuss some of the most difficult aspects of medicine and learn unique skills to handle the stresses of being a physician.

Retreat members standing on the beach

The Med-Peds retreat is a time for our residents to gather, relax and spend much needed time together. Our retreats are extremely popular with our residents and have included a wide variety of topics, from career planning sessions to acupuncture. Our chief residents put a great deal of time and energy into the Med-Peds retreat, and it is always reflective of the pulse of the residency. The highlight of the day is always homemade lunch by our official Med-Peds Chef (Dr. San Juan!).

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