Intern Retreat, June 2023

University of Maryland Diversity Mission Statement

The University of Maryland Med-Peds program recognizes the problem of systemic racism and exclusion in society at large and within the medical community. We are committed to fighting for diversity, justice and equity for our trainees, patients and faculty. We completed a 360-degree review of our recruitment process, educational programs and professionalism to ensure not only that we invite diversity and inclusion, but also that we seek it. We recognize our duty as physicians to tirelessly champion fairness and compassion, especially for those who are vulnerable, and our unique responsibility as educators to instill this same duty within our trainees. We aim to raise physicians that are just and compassionate and to fight for the delivery of excellent healthcare regardless of race, gender, social circumstances or creed. 

Group of Med-Peds residents.

We are committed to continuing to improve diversity in our program and have developed a multi-point Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan in conjunction with our residents and faculty. Our residents and faculty are actively engaged in both categorical programs and with the hospital leadership to pioneer and support these important changes. If you are interested in reviewing a full copy of our action plan, please email Dr. Kate Donohue at

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