Close relationships are the cornerstone of our residency, and we believe mentoring in a critical aspect to producing exemplary Med-Peds physicians.

Intern Mentoring Program

Our interns meet with our special faculty intern mentors four times per year for a group dinner. Additionally, they meet one on one with faculty throughout the year for formal career development sessions. We encourage wellness in our interns by scheduling appointments with our Employee Assistance Program and a primary care physician. Our Chief resident and rising chief meet with all interns in July/August to go through academic requirements for each side and answer any logistical questions. All interns also meet with our program director one-on-one throughout the year formally and informally.

Senior Resident Mentoring

Our senior resident mentoring program includes a three-pillared system of diverse mentors geared towards personalized success.

Residents are paired with a Med-Peds faculty mentor that is matched based on personality and career interests and follows them throughout their residency. Residents and faculty mentors meet several times throughout the year to discuss career development, academic progress and work –life balance. All residents meet with our program director one-on-one throughout the year both formally and informally.

Residents are also paired with “special interest mentors”, who are physicians in their area of career interest. These mentors meet with residents twice per year to help them develop their career choices. These pairings are fluid and can change as the resident's career interests change.

“Networking mentors” are assigned in the third and fourth year to help our residents find the jobs and fellowships they want. We have a vast network of connections and set our residents up to be successful in any career.

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