Created in 1994, our Med-Peds program has flourished in a medical institution that provides our residents with unparalleled clinical experience and world-class research opportunities. Our program is committed to training exceptional Med-Peds physicians with the skills and expertise to become leaders in the fields of academic medicine, primary care, hospital medicine, subspecialty care and research. As a result, our residents have enjoyed success in a multitude of settings ranging from community clinics and emergency care to major academic centers and international venues.

The high quality residents that comprise our program serve as the foundation of the Maryland Med-Peds program and are responsible for the great successes we have seen over the years. Working with our residents, we will continue to be innovative in resident training, education and professional development. I invite you to explore our Med-Peds program and website. We are passionate about the field of Med-Peds and are extremely proud of our residents and program. Welcome to the University of Maryland Med-Peds Program!

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Robert J. Habicht, M.D.
Program Director
Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program
University of Maryland Medical Center