Congratulations on your acceptance into one of the Graduate Medical Education training programs at the University of Maryland Medical Center!

It is our policy at the Medical Center to fully credential all residents and fellows planning to provide patient care in the institution. Your participation in this program and any contractual obligation to employ and train you are contingent upon your successful completion of the credentialing process.

The credentialing application and processing has moved to an electronic format called MD App. Your information will be given to Medical Staff by the program coordinator and you will receive a link, via an email, from to access the application – this link is only available for 24 hours in order for you to set up your log in and password. Once you have set up your login, you will be able to access your electronic application when you have time to complete it. If your link expires prior to being able to create your login, you are able to reset the link via the original email.

Within the application there are 2 forms that need to be completed and signed. This process happens through Docu-Sign, a third party application that applies your electronic signature to documents. Complete the forms in the Docu-Sign window, then click finish after all required fields are populated.

Once you close the window and return to MD App, you will have an opportunity to view and download copies for your records. Forms will automatically be delivered back to our credentialing database - no need for you to upload or attach.

Files to Upload:

There is a section in the electronic application called "Files" to upload electronic copies of the following:

  1. Current Curriculum Vitae;
  2. Copy of Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) Certificate, if applicable.

Data Entry Tips:

  • Within the credentialing application, there are fields that allow you to search, such as the name of a university. You may see multiple entries - if you find one that matches what you want, choose it. Otherwise, simply enter the name and address you want.
  • Prior Residencies/Fellowship: the system requires a degree awarded, for this field you should choose NA.
  • Hospital Affiliation section: enter affiliations outside of your prior training.
  • Documents section will contain a UMMC Claims History Page to download. If you have any malpractice claims, this is where they should be documented - otherwise it is not necessary to download. Once you have filled in the form, save a copy to your desktop for uploading into the Files section of your application.

On the left side you will see if you have missed a required field by the system showing a red triangle with explanation:

If you exit the application prior to completion, it will save what you have done. The only point at which you will not be able to edit your application is after you have clicked "Submit Application".

For questions regarding the content of the application, please call Medical Staff Services at 410-328-2902.