The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education's Outcome Project is designed to support programs in their implementation of the competencies in their curricula, as well as the valid and reliable assessment of performance based on these competencies. 

Our goal is to provide you with those resources that are available to help you as program directors succeed in this effort and show you what others in your profession have done to address and implement the competencies:

The six competencies are:


ACGME has provided a Facilitator's Guide, "An Introduction to Competency-based Residency Education,"©ACGME (April, 2006; B. Joyce, Ph.D), and a Virtual Program Director's Handbook

Common Program Requirements and Common Program Requirements for One Year Fellowships, both effective 7/1/13, are available at the ACGME website. ACGME also has provided a Program Director's Guide to the Common Program Requirements that became effective 7/1/13. 

UMMC has provided a Program Director Guide with examples of program, rotation, and level specific goals and objectives as well as sample evaluation tools for evaluating resident/fellow performance, faculty performance, and program effectiveness.