For Residents and Fellows on UMMC Payroll

UMMC provides benefits to UMMC employed residents and fellows scheduled to work 40 or more hours per biweekly pay period. Health and dental benefits will be effective on the first day of your employment, as long as you complete your enrollment within 31 days of your employment start date.

If you fail to enroll, your next opportunity will be during the annual open enrollment period, typically held in May, unless you have a qualifying life event that affects your eligibility for these benefits. Qualifying life event changes must be submitted to the Benefits Department within 31 days of the qualifying life event.

Costs of these plans are either paid by UMMC or shared with the employee as described below which provide an overview of the benefits; all benefits described herein are subject to the applicable terms and conditions of coverage and UMMC policies and procedures.

For Residents and Fellows not on UMMC Payroll

Residents/Fellows who are not on the UMMC payroll must contact their Human Resources and/or payroll office to determine the benefits available to them under the terms of their employment.