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Doctors' Day 2023

Celebrating our Attending Physicians, Residents, and Fellows! Thank you for the tremendous work you do everyday!

2023 Doctors Day Awards

Attending Physician of the Year

Janaki Deepak, MD

Pulmonary & Critical Care

Janaki Deepak PulmCC

Exceptional humanism and care for patients and residents.

Incredibly kind, thoughtful, and always has brilliant observations. Takes care of her team and her fellows.

Extremely dedicated, wonderful empathetic patient care. Role model for students, residents, trainees, colleagues.

Exemplary patient, student and trainee advocate

Fellow of the Year

Karl Seif, MD

Maternal/Fetal Medicine

Karl Seif MaternalFetal

Selfless, dedicated to teaching, team player.

Loves teaching residents, is always available for questions and guidance, a joy to be around, advocates for his patients.

You cannot find anyone more conscientious or willing to go the extra mile for a patient or fellow provider.

Resident Physician of the Year

Rutvij Pandya, MD

Family Medicine

Rutvig Pandya Family Medicine

Kind, knowledgeable, extremely devoted to his patients.

Goes out of his way to care for patients. Selfless, almost to a fault, Will continue to be a huge advocate for his patients.

Goes above and beyond when caring for his patients. Frequently takes time after clinic or on days off to contact his patients and check in with them. Exemplifies a true primary care physician and is loved by all.

Congratulations to all of our Awardees!

UMMC Badge Pay Program

The UMMC Badge Pay Program is a substitution for cash and debit card payments. You now have the option to use your employee ID badge for fast and secure checkouts in the cafeteria. To activate your badge, go to ams.volantecloud.com/umms and select "sign up." Type your employee ID number into the username field and create your password.

EPCS Enrollment at UMMC Downtown

As you may know, the Medical System will be implementing Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances as mandated by the Federal DEA. Please review the attached for background on this initiative. Enrollment for EPCS (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances) at UMMC Downtown starts Thursday, November 7.

In order to prescribe electronically at UMMS (including all outpatient areas), all prescribers will need to be authorized to do so within EPIC.

  • This involves the following:
    The provider must authenticate the prescription using 2 of the following 3 factors:
    • Something only the provider knows, such as a password
    • Something the provider is, such as fingerprint biometrics
    • Something the provider has, such as a one-time password token, which is separate from the device that the provider is using to prescribe (obtained on your smartphone)

To do this, all prescribers need to be enrolled in Imprivata, which will requires in-person identity-proofing by authorized person

WHERE: Medical Staff Services, 110 S. Paca Street, 8th Floor.

What's involved?


  1. Download Imprivata from the App or Google Play Store onto your smartphone. (Android 7 or later, or iOS11 or later required)
  2. Bring a government-issued Photo ID (Driver's License or Passport)
  3. If you are approved for Suboxone prescribing, confirm that the Medical Staff Office has this information.

Enrollment of each prescriber will take about 5 minutes.

*Our FPI Partners will also be offering additional enrollment opportunities at various practice/site locations.

See the initial EPCS communication here.

IHI Open School Training Requirements

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