Pre-Employment Health Assessment

Consistent with current recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control, University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) requires all residents and fellows to present proof of immunity to rubeola, varicella, rubella and polio. Residents and fellows are expected to present their immunization records or proof of positive antibody titers at the time of their pre-employment screening. Residents and fellows should also have diphtheria, tetanus, influenza boosters and Hepatitis B vaccination, or proof of titers. In keeping with the UMMC commitment to maintain a drug free work place and to reduce safety risks to others, candidates will be screened for illegal substances through urinalysis at the pre-employment assessment.

The pre-employment health assessment is usually coordinated through the individual programs. However, if the pre-employment health assessment is not coordinated through your individual program, it is the responsibility of the resident or fellow to arrange for his or her health assessment in order to meet credentialing requirements.

Download the Employee Health Packet.

The location and hours of operations for the Office of Employee Health Services are:

Monday-Friday: 7AM - 4 PM

T1R05 (next to first floor Shock Trauma Elevators)

Telephone: 410-328-0958

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