Departmental Scope of Services

St. Joseph Medical Center’s neonatal intensive care unit is a 20-bed Level III NICU. The state-of-the-art unit has an innovative pinwheel design that allows optimal patient care while maximizing family privacy.

Types of Patients Served

The NICU nursing team provides care to premature and full-term infants born at St. Joseph Medical Center that might experience a wide variety of problems or conditions.

Overview of Department Services

Our patients and families are cared for by a team of skilled health care providers. On a daily basis care is provided by highly experienced nursing staff, respiratory therapists, patient care coordinators, neonatal nurse practitioners and neonatologists. A multidisciplinary team collaborates on the needs of patients and families. In addition to the daily team members, social work, occupational therapy, spiritual care, nutrition and lactation services are included. Weekly goals are formulated and care is guided to meet these goals to help the patient and family prepare for discharge.

Staffing Model

Staffing in the NICU is determined by multiple factors. First and foremost is patient safety. Other factors include the baby’s acuity and the skill level and experience of the staff. The staffing grid is used as a guide to safe staffing. The skill level and competency of the staff is also a consideration. The nurse to patient ratio may increase or decrease based on these factors.

Working in our NICU feels like home. The nurse practitioners, doctors and nurses trust each other, value each other's opinions, and work together to give not only quality medical care but, most importantly, loving support to our babies and their families.

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