Departmental Scope of Services

2 Central is a Cardiac Telemetry unit, composed of 30 beautifully appointed, private rooms that support faster healing, reduced infections and family privacy. Recognizing the importance of loved ones in the healing process, each room has a family zone with a pullout bed. Decorative screens and paneling hide equipment, creating a hotel-like feeling. So as not to disturb patients, linen hampers and shelf stocking are done from double-sided cupboards which open from the halls. These room-based nurse servers allow staff members to take fewer steps in managing the care of the patient.

Types of Patients Served

photo of a caregiver comforting a patient Care for adults and geriatric patients who have one of the following diagnoses:

  • Post-operative care of the cardiac and thoracic surgery patients following coronary artery bypass, valve replacement and thoracotomy for cancer diagnosis
  • Cardiac diagnosis such as MI, post-stent placement and CHF

Overview of Department Services

A multidisciplinary team collaborates to meet the needs of the patient and identifies and plans for all aspects of care needs. The team includes the patient, patient's family, physicians, mid-level providers (NPs and PAs), nursing staff, case management, social work, nutritionists, rehabilitation (P. and OT), pharmacists, a wound ostomy nurse and spiritual care staff members. In daily team conferences, a plan is formulated and then implemented. Patient/significant other education is provided on an ongoing basis by members of the interdisciplinary team to include medication instruction, disease process, pain control treatment, and discharge planning. Patients are routinely reassessed for their response to care and outcomes of care are evaluated on an ongoing basis by the interdisciplinary care team. The plan is re-evaluated daily to meet the changing needs of the patient. Discharge planning needs or issues are also addressed by the team with the patient and patient's family or caregiver.

Staffing Model

In the Quality-Caring model, evidence based practice is simultaneously merged with the caring process of nursing. Caring values, attitudes and behaviors dominate the process of care and establish the foundation for two key relationships: the nurse-patient relationship and collaborative relationships between the nurse and their co-workers. Within the caring model, the nursing team is comprised of two Registered Nurses (RN) and a Certified Nursing Assistant, (CNA) that manage the care of 8–10 patients. Each team has their own self contained nursing station. The team is supported by an exercise therapist, a patient care coordinator (PCC) and a Clinical Unit Clerk (CUC). The nurse manager and clinical practice specialist serve as a resource to the team facilitating a healthy environment and empowering staff members to remove barriers encountered when delivering care. The model encourages teamwork and safety having three individuals responsible for a group of patients.

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