Departmental Scope of Services

5 East is a fast paced 41-bed medical/surgical telemetry unit with three private rooms. Modified, primary nursing is the care delivery model used.

Types of Patients Served

photo of a caregiver comforting a patient5 East primarily serves patients with cardiac diagnoses including MI, HF and post-cardiac catheterization procedures such as stent placement and pacemaker insertion. The unit also serves as med/surg overflow. The patient population is adult and geriatric patients only. Average length of stay for patients is 2.5 days. In addition to inpatient care, the staff also monitors and cares for patients who have been placed in an observation or outpatient extended stay status.

Overview of Department Services

A multidisciplinary team works collaboratively to meet the needs of the patient and develop an appropriate plan of care. The team includes:

  • Patient
  • Nursing staff
  • Nutritional Services
  • Patient's family
  • Case managers
  • Spiritual Care
  • Physicians
  • Social workers
  • PT/OT
  • NPs and PAs
  • Cardiovascular Fitness

Patient-care rounds are conducted daily and the plan is reviewed and updated to best meet the needs of the patient.

Staffing Model

The unit is staffed with dedicated RNs, CNAs, clinical unit clerks, and a patient care coordinator (PCC). The PCC acts as a resource person on the unit and is responsible for daily operations and patient flow. The staff is supported by an IV.therapy team, phlebotomists, respiratory therapy, unit-based pharmacists and a central monitoring room. Physician educational rounds are provided by cardiovascular physicians. A staffing grid is used as a guide to provide appropriate staffing mix and ratios. Staff assignments reflect acuity, census and skill mix needs. Heavy patient turnover makes this a very active and busy environment. Teamwork is an essential component of our success.

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