Departmental Scope of Services

The MSICU is an adult and geriatric medical, surgical and cardiac intensive care unit. It has 28 individual rooms with state-of-the-art equipment and monitoring. The unit is spacious and beautifully designed with an atrium in the center that can be used by both the patient and their families. Special thought was taken in the design of the MSICU so that it will be very functional well into the 21st century.

Types of Patients Served

photo of a healthcare provider comforting a patient The MSICU serves a variety of patients including those with complex medical conditions, general post-op surgery, and post cardiac interventional and open heart surgery requiring intensive monitoring. Complex therapies such as CRRT- continuous, hemodialysis, hypothermia, Intra-aortic balloon pump, ICP-intracranial pressure monitoring, and proning are also treatment options provided. The MSICU receives patients postarrest and are a part of the Code Blue and Rapid Response Team. Intensive and supportive care is not only provided to the patient but to the family and significant other.

Overview of Department Services

The patient in the MSICU receives care from a highly skilled interdisciplinary team that rounds daily and focuses on evidenced-based best practice and improved patient outcomes. Our focus is to eliminate VAP- ventilator associated pneumonia and BSI- blood stream infections along with decreasing the number of CAUTI-catheter associated urinary tract infections by implementing a "bundle" of standard practices. Another focus in the MSICU is to reduce the number of nosocomial infections by maintaining stringent isolation and hand washing practices.

By individualizing the plan of care and focusing on these initiatives the patient can expect to progress more quickly to the next level of care. The team consists of:

  • Critical Care Intensivist
  • Critical Care Physician
  • Patient Care Coordinator
  • Clinical Practice Specialist
  • Primary Care RN
  • Pharmacist
  • Dietician
  • Case Manager
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Spiritual Care

Staffing Model

Staffing consists of a Patient Care coordinator that directs the flow and daily operation of the unit in collaboration with the nurse manager and clinical practice specialist. Patient care is provided at a 2:1 nurse patient ratio and is also supported by clerical staff and certified nursing assistants. Our team work is incredible in how it supports the patients and each other. The nursing staff is very diverse and assignments are based on learning needs, experience and available resources.

New Grads and inexperienced RNs are welcome and receive an extensive orientation that is guided by a Clinical Practice specialist. The LAUNCH program is specifically designed to help the new nurse graduates throughout their orientation and during their first year. All inexperienced critical care nurses that are hired attend a critical care course that is provided through a joint hospital consortium. This course allows the RN to receive extensive didactic information on critical illnesses and monitoring, and then apply it to the clinical setting. MSICU staff members work collaboratively with all health care disciplines to ensure that safe, high quality evidenced-based care is provided in a healing environment.

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