Departmental Scope of Services

The 6th floor is a fast-paced 50-bed orthopaedic unit with med/surg overflow including stroke center patients. The unit is newly expanded and is not only beautiful but provides a great working environment. The unit is comprised of 32 private rooms and 9 semi-private rooms. Our team provides a multi-disciplinary approach to meet all of our patients needs.

Types of Patients Served

photo of a caregiver comforting a patient The orthopaedic patient population we serve includes elective total joint replacement surgery as well as complex spinal surgery. Our patients are cared for with the latest in pain relief techniques including intra-articular injections the morning after joint surgery. The 6th floor also serves stroke center patients that require a med/surg level of care.

Overview of Department Services

The 6th floor is staffed with a dedicated orthopaedic nurse practitioner, patient care coordinators, clinical educator, CNAs and clinical unit clerks. Dedicated multidisciplinary rounds are held daily with our unit based social worker, case managers, dietary, physical and occupational therapists and spiritual care representative. An individualized plan is devised for each patient built upon their needs. Technology is integrated into every aspect of patient care on the 6th floor, including patient education.

Staffing Model

Staff assignments are made each shift that reflect patient acuity, census, and skill mix. A dedicated unit patient care coordinator monitors the activities of the unit during the day and evening shifts. Due to the nature of orthopaedic nursing we need to help and support each other during the course of each shift. Teamwork is what drives the 6th floor to excellence!

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