Departmental Scope of Services

The CSU is an adult and geriatric cardio-thoracic critical care and recovery unit. It has a capacity of 10 beds with state of the art equipment. We have a 2:1 nurse patient ratio with onsite mid-level patient management. The open heart surgery patient is 1:1 for the first 4-6 hours post-operative and based on acuity.

Types of Patients Served

The CSU serves all patients who require open heart surgery, thoracic surgery and post-catheterization. We care for the cardiac patient, including post-open-heart surgery, post-catheterization, intra-aortic balloon therapy, biovad therapy and thoracic surgery.

Overview of Department Services

The patient in the CSU receives care from an interdisciplinary team including:

  • pharmacy
  • dietary
  • spiritual care
  • respiratory care
  • physical therapy
  • social services

Staffing Model

The staffing consists of a patient care coordinator who runs charge, technical support, clerical support and a nursing staff with a very diverse experience level. Assignments are based on learning needs, experience level and resources. The CSU is based on a shared governance model with staff participation in everything from hiring to PI.

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