Departmental Scope of Services

Through our affiliation with the University of Maryland Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center and as a member of the University of Maryland Cancer Network, infusion services at the Cancer Institute are provided by the University of Maryland Medical Center. The University of Maryland Medical Center Serpick Infusion and Multidisciplinary Center provides chemotherapy, biotherapy, targeted therapy and supportive care for adult oncology patients with a variety of cancers. The center also serves the infusion needs of patients with a non-cancer diagnosis, such as osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, and inflammatory bowel disease. Patients enjoy a two-story atrium setting with beautiful views of indoor and outdoor gardens, allowing them to receive treatment in a bright and airy space.

There are 18 treatment stations, some of which include our custom-built recliners. Each recliner is equipped with a DVD/cable TV, radio and iPod docket. The center can also accommodate patients who require a hospital bed for their treatment.

Types of Patients Served

We serve adult patients with a variety of solid tumors, commonly including breast, lung, pancreatic, colorectal and liver cancer. Patients with hematological malignancies, such as lymphoma or leukemia, and patients with benign hematological conditions are also treated in the center. We also treat patients with non-cancer diagnoses who require infusions.

Overview of Department Services

The Cancer Institute offers new patients a multidisciplinary clinic appointment during which the patient and family are seen by a surgical oncologist, medical oncologist and radiation oncologist. The patient then leaves with one plan of care at the end of his or her visit.

There are weekly multidisciplinary conferences attended by all members of the health care team, including radiologists and pathologists, during which all patients are prospectively reviewed and the best plan of care is determined by all members. Patients have access to a variety of resources, including a nurse navigator, nurse coordinators, pharmacist, social worker, patient resource navigator and peer-to-peer support groups.

Staffing Model

All of the nurses are certified to administer chemotherapy and biotherapy, and have a tremendous amount of experience and passion for their work. The vast majority of nurses are nationally certified in their specialty. The nurse to patient ratio is 1 nurse to 4 patients. There is a patient care coordinator and support staff who assist the nurses and patients during their treatment. A primary nursing model is utilized so that each new patient is assigned a primary nurse who will follow the patient during their cancer journey.

University of Maryland Medical Center Serpick Infusion and Multidisciplinary Center is a unique outpatient facility that focuses on cancer care. The nurses that work with this select group of patients have an exceptional bond with their patients, families and the other staff members. They are highly dedicated nurses committed to providing the most advanced, professional nursing care. One word to describe the Serpick Infusion Center - EXCEPTIONAL!

University of Maryland Medical Center Serpick Infusion and Multidisciplinary Center concentrates on providing the patient with the benefits of teamwork. Nurses are part of a unique group of professionals that combine their strengths for the benefit of the cancer patient. The staff works diligently to provide the highest level of care by supporting the patient, family and all team members. Nurses are encouraged to continue to learn and educate themselves and their co-workers in a field that is constantly changing and improving!

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