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The University of Maryland Orthopaedics Associates School of Medicine practice has partnered with The University of Maryland Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science department to provide physical and occupational therapy.

Physical and occupational therapy play a major role in patients recovering the ability to return to their lives and activities as quickly as possible after overuse, injury or trauma. 

Our PTs and OTs educate patients and their families in their transition through a difficult time in life.

Physical Therapy

We're ready to help you recover, guiding you as you build strength and flexibility and educating you on ways to maintain your health for the long term. We'll work closely with your primary care physician, surgeon or sports medicine specialist to get you back in action as soon as possible. We work with patients 7 years old into adulthood.

Occupational Therapy

We also offer occupational therapy for patients ranging in age from infants to seniors. Occupational therapy promotes a return to independence, helping you regain skills in daily activities such as self-care, home tasks and work duties.

Common areas we help with recovery include injuries to the:

Training Future Physical Therapists

As a teaching hospital, we focus on providing excellent care while also training the next generation of physical therapists. Are you or do you know someone who would be interested in training with University of Maryland physical therapists? Take a look at our two training programs:


We have convenient, accessible locations that offers valet or street parking, and we accept most insurances.

To make a physical therapy appointment, call 410-448-6400.


  • Monday–Friday: 8 am-5 pm
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