The University of Maryland's Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency Program is dedicated to advancing the education of physical therapists in order to develop leaders in clinical practice, research and service through a collaborative partnership with UM Rehabilitation Network and UM School of Medicine to optimize patient care. Our 14-month program includes:

  • Acute care and outpatient rotations
  • Teaching and learning in partnership with the UM School of Medicine
  • Direct exposure to acute care injuries through continuum of care
  • Observation of surgery, clinical operations and outpatient centers

Graduation Statistics

Throughout our program's history, we have a 100% graduation rate.

Cohort Admitted Graduated OCS Exam
Pass Rate
2020-2021 2 2 2
2021-2022 2 2 2
2022-2023 0 0 No exams taken
2023-2024 1 In progress In progress
For more information, please email program director Jason Shipley at
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