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Vienne fell off an 8-foot slide and broke her wrist. While fractures may seem common, they are not routine and often are not set correctly. When Dr. Josh Abzug did a second X-ray, they learned Vienne's wrist was broken in two spots.

Treating teens to newborns, the young patients of University of Maryland Orthopaedics receive expert care for a range of conditions that impact the bones, muscles, tendons, nerves and joints.

From the neck all the way down to the tip of the small toe, our pediatric orthopedic specialists are specially trained to care for your child.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Joshua Abzug has specialized pediatric training in problems related to the upper extremities but also treats fractures throughout the body.

Several of UM's spine surgeons are trained manage a range of pediatric spine disorders, including scoliosis as well as to treat fractures and spine injuries.

Our podiatric surgeons see children with clubfoot and other conditions of the foot and ankle.

Common Pediatric Orthopedic Conditions

At University of Maryland, we see children and teens for:

For more information about UM Orthopaedics locations or to make an appointment, please call 410-448-6400.