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University of Maryland Department of Orthopaedics hip surgeons treat a wide range of hip pain disorders in patients from birth to accidents and hip arthritis.

Farshad Adib, MD and Vincent Ng, MD are specialists in hip replacement for fracture and arthritis.

Not only are these surgeons an excellent choice for patients who require first time hip replacement, but they are also the referral surgeons for the entire state of Maryland for patients in need of challenging first time replacement or a failed replacement that needs to be redone.

Joshua Abzug, MD and Farshad Adib, MD specialize in hip disorders in children and adolescents, and employ a variety of surgical and nonsurgical treatment methods.

For young adults, Jason Nascone, MD and Farshad Adib, MD are specialists in periacetabular osteotomy, a procedure used to restore the proper mechanics of the hip in patients with hip dysplasia.

Other common conditions treated include: