The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease include tightness, pain and weakness in the muscles and joints. It also causes rigidity and tremors, causing patients to move more slowly. Rehabilitation may enhance the lives of patients with Parkinson's Disease by enabling them to compensate for these symptoms.

At UM BWMC, physical and occupational therapists can help patients learn movement strategies and techniques to improve their independence. Physical therapy includes exercises to strengthen and loosen muscles, activities to improve coordination, balance and gait, and modalities to relieve pain. Occupational therapists provide devices to assist with activities of daily living, contributing to patient’s independence and overall self-confidence. Our goal is to improve the quality of life by improving movement, relieving pain and promoting better function while maintaining dignity and independence.

For additional information you can contact the Rehabilitation Services Department at UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center by calling 410-787-4433.