Ergonomics is the study of the physical relationship of work and how it relates to the individual. The study of ergonomics has produced many advances in office equipment, such as foot rests, telephone headsets, adjustable video monitors and chairs to allow for improved support and minimized repetitive strain. However, repetitive motion and postures can lead to repetitive stress injuries that benefit from treatment to prevent recurrent pain and loss of function. Physical therapy is helpful in the evaluation and management of workplace injury involving repetitive strain.

The Rehabilitation Services Department of UM BWMC is staffed by clinicians with thorough knowledge and understanding of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and for both providing evaluation and treatment of these repetitive injuries. Treatment programs often address structured therapeutic exercise, modalities such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation as well as identify underlying causes that may put the patient at risk for recurrent injury. For additional information you can contact the Rehabilitation Services Department at UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center by calling 410-787-4433.