EPIC Training Presentation

EPIC training is required for all new hire trainees, even if they have used EPIC in the past. A "Test Out" option will not be offered.

Enrollment Process:

  • Please enroll your trainees by March 29th using the 2024 Resident Enrollment Form (smartsheet.com). The Resident Enrollment Form only needs: the Program name, number of residents/fellows, and the choice of 3 potential training dates. If you do not have the exact number of residents/fellows, it's ok, an estimate is needed for planning.
  • Please complete the 2024 Program Resident List by May 1st. Please submit only one spreadsheet per program.

 Date Action
March 29th  - Resident Enrollment Form Completion for all programs
April 15th  - Training schedule finalized
April 22nd   - Communication and confirmation of dates/times of training sent to coordinators
May 1st   - 2024 Program Resident list sent to Training/Scheduling Leads
May 15th   - Coordinators verify access to Access Portal and UMMS U
May 31st   - Coordinators submit access form for each trainee attending training in June
May 31st   - PTM will assign trainees to sessions for June
June 7th   - Coordinator will verify Resident assigned training for June
June 26th   - PTM will assign trainees to sessions for July
June 28th  - Coordinators submit access form for each trainee attending training in July
July 1st  - Coordinator will verify Resident assigned training for July

Friendly Reminders:

  • All Trainings will be conducted virtually!
  • The instructors are our friends and colleagues!
  • Arrive on time for morning and afternoon sessions.
  • All sessions will begin at 8 am (morning) and 1 pm (afternoon)
  • Please do your best to keep all of your trainees scheduled for their assigned training date.

Please contact:

Debi Artist – Deborah.Artist@umm.edu or Alissa Stieber – AStieber@umm.edu

Clinical Informatics
University of Maryland Medical Center

Off Cycle Trainees

Off cycle residents and fellows will need to have their program coordinator schedule their epic training with the Epic Portfolio Management Team during the regular new hire trainings. Please email Portfoliotraining@umm.edu.

For more information, please see http://intra.umms.org/umms/departments/portfolio/portfolio-training