MD-EDRS Accounts

MD-EDRS is the Maryland Electronic Death Record online system. GME creates user accounts for our trainees. The list of usernames and passwords will be sent to coordinators by September. Please reach out to with any questions.

To access MD-EDRS locked accounts:

Please remember after 5 failed password attempts into the MD-EDRS login system, you will be locked from your account.

  • After two failed login attempts, please click "Forgot Password" to reset your password to avoid being locked out of the system. A link to reset your password will be sent to your work email that is affiliated with your account.

If you are locked out, here is the process to get back in:

If a provider is locked out of their account during normal business hours (M-F 8am-5pm)

Residents and Fellows: Contact GME

All other providers: Contact Allison Andrus 410-328-1151

If a provider is locked out of their account after hours (M-F 5pm-8am, weekends, and holidays)

1. Try to find another provider on your floor that can log into their account. Have that provider complete the EDRS Death Certificate. When you get to the question "Who is this completed by?" put in the name of the provider who is providing the information for the death certificate completion. The Death Certificate will show as being attested by the provider that is logged into the MD-EDRS account, but that's ok! The completed by portion will show the name of the provider who provided the information.

2. If you cannot find a colleague that can log in, you may contact the Maryland State EDRS Help Desk at or 410-764-4671. You will receive a response from Maryland State EDRS within 4 hours. You may also page Laura Klein in Pathology, #10969 or contact the UMMC HIM Senior Managers at 410-328-6750.


All new hires should be automatically registered with CRISP and PDMP with Single Sign On (SSO) access after they complete their EPIC training. Please email GME if your trainees are having issues with their CRISP or PDMP access.