Our goal at the Center for Advanced Fetal Care is to assist you on the journey ahead and help educate you to better communicate with your team of physicians, friends and family.

We are dedicated to the care and support of you and your unborn child. Our specialized program aims to diagnose congenital heart defects as early and as accurately as possible. We strive to create personalized prenatal care and optimize your delivery plan.

Our multidisciplinary team is devoted to you and your baby's needs before and after birth. Our sonographers receive extensive training and our specialists have skilled expertise in reading fetal echocardiograms.

We will also assist with coordination of care with UMCH cardiology, cardiac surgery, NICU, PICU and other providers you and your baby will need after birth.

Learn more about the fetal heart conditions we diagnose that are treated at UM Children's Hospital after birth.

Pediatric Cardiology – Congenital Heart Disease